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Welcome to Bedford Vision and Eye Clinic

Where we care for people, not just their eyes.

Drs. Kathy L. Shamblin, Kay Gregory and Kelly A Sanderson take a holistic approach to eyecare. This means we consider everything related to your eyesight – including your general health and your visual skills – from your thorough exam to the custom, needs-based eyecare plan. For us, vision care isn’t just a business. It is a profession devoted to taking care of you, helping you see well and ensuring that you’re always satisfied.

Because your eyesight is precious, you deserve complete, leading-edge eyecare from caring, dedicated professionals.

Our mission is to protect your eyesight throughout your lifetime and prevent the development and progression of eye diseases. For this reason, we use today’s most advanced techniques and equipment to thoroughly understand your vision and eye health and detect problems as early as possible.
In addition to being among the only vision care practices offering vision therapy, corneal refractive therapy and nutrition counseling, we have (and are trained and credentialed to use) the very latest eyecare technologies in our office

See better and protect the health of your eyes. For leading-edge care for your eyes and your eyesight, trust the team of dedicated, highly trained and experienced eyecare professionals at Bedford Vision & Eye Clinic. We combine warmth and compassion with advanced, comprehensive eyecare.

Call us at 931-684-2197 today or schedule an appointment online.

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Meet The Staff

Learn Who We Are

  • Kathy L. Shamblin

    “Serving others is an important part of who I am. It’s also at the very heart of being a healthcare professional in general and, more specifically, an eyecare specialist. I put patients first, because I know that it’s the key to having a positive impact on their vision, the health of their eyes and the quality of their lives. I’m proud of the training I’ve received and the quality of the care I’ve been able to provide to people in need. But each day brings new challenges, and I renew my commitment to doing my best and to helping others every time I meet a new patient.

    “After more than two decades as an optometrist, I have seen time and time again how important it is to practice eyecare that is all about people. I care for people, not just their eyes, and I make a point of treating each person I see as the most important person in the world. I strive to help people achieve their greatest potential, for which their eyesight is essential. And this means focusing not just on their visual acuity but also watching for and managing eye diseases, being mindful of nutrition’s role in their eye health, keeping them informed and enabled and – most of all – always offering my best.”

    Fellow: College of Optometrists in Vision Development
    OD: Southern College of Optometry, Memphis, TN
    BS: Science, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN
    Member: American Optometric Association (AOA), Tennessee Optometric Association, Optometric Extension Program Foundation, Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association
    Continuing Education: Physiological-Based Eyecare, Nutrition-Response Testing, Dry Eye, Lens Symposium
    Awards: Optometric Recognition Award, Samuel Horner Jr. Award for Behavioral Optometry
    Lecturer: Lectures at local schools about vision & its role in learning
    Author: Published articles on dry eye syndrome, macular degeneration & eye- & vision-related nutrition

    In her spare time, Dr. Shamblin is an active member in her church and a Sunday School teacher.

  • Kay Gregory

    Dr. Gregory is a native of West Tennessee. She grew up in Martin where she attended Westview High School. She began her college career at the University of Tennessee Martin. In 1982, she continued her studies at Southern College of Optometry in Memphis. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, minoring in Physics. She received her doctorate in 1986. After graduation, she spent her first three years in practice as a First Lieutenant and then as a Captain in the United States Air Force. She was stationed at Castle AFB, CA.

    Dr. Gregory is married and has three children. She enjoys singing and performed the National Anthem at a Nashville Sounds game in 2012. She sings in the praise band at her church and serves in the children's ministry.

  • Rachael Brown, C.P.O

    Rachael is the newest member to our team here at Bedford Vision. She currently joined in June 2017. She is on our optical team and she enjoys helping patients with picking out the perfect frame. She can also help with any adjustments and repairs to any glasses or sunglasses.

    Rachael has lived in Florida most of her child hood and moved to Tennessee in 2002. She has been married to her husband for 12 years and has 3 beautiful daughters. Outside of work Rachael enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also loves to read when she gets some quiet time.

  • Becky Ensey

    Becky was born and raised in Bedford County. She has been married to her husband, Michael for 38 years and have three wonderful children and four grandchildren. When Becky is not at work, she enjoy lots of family fun time together.

    Becky has been in optometry for 7 1/2 years. She enjoys meeting new people everyday. Her goal each day is to make a difference in someone’s life.

    Jesus replied, 'Love the Lord your God with all your hearth and with all your soul and with all your mind.' Matt 22:37

  • Danielle Thompson

    Danielle has been with us since January 2019, she is apart of our optical team and manages our social media platforms. She enjoys edging patients' lenses and helping patients pick out the perfect frame.She can also help with any adjustments and repairs to glasses and sunglasses.

     Outside of work Danielle enjoys spending time with family and going to local shops in town. She has a two year old daughter and is planning a September wedding in 2020. 

  • Maria Cruces

    Maria  has been with us since July 2018, she runs the front desk and is one of our technicians. Her favorite thing about working at Bedford Vision is helping the patients, she enjoys seeing their problems go away because of something she did. 

    Maria has three kids and has been with her husband for 9 years. Outside of work she enjoys watching her kids soccer games and watching her son run track, and going to the gym.


Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "If anyone needs an eye doctor- go to Bedford Vision. Take it from someone who has been to so many eye doctors since the 3rd grade. Bedford Vision listens to you, and takes care of you. They always make sure they get the perfect product for you and your vision needs! In case you were wondering- I LOVE my new glasses!"
    Lynna R.
  • "The staff is very friendly and answers any questions you may have! I would recommend them to my family and friends!"
    Adrienne H.
  • "They help my baby to see again.. I love them.. Thanks again."
    Tasha T.

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