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Educational Articles/Videos 

Welcome to our educational article section, a collection of educational articles and videos! We'll be posting some of the best and most relevant education articles and videos related to your eyesight – including your general health and your visual skills. Click on the links below to read our articles or watch our videos. 

Information on nutrition and eye health

New American Optometric Association materials can assist optometrists in helping patients understand the importance of good nutrition. Read more...

Eye Solutions introduces Blu-Tech lens technology

Eye Solutions Inc., with partner Signet Armorlite, introduced its Blu-Tech lens technology that offers protection from ultraviolet and high energy visible light. Read more...

BluTech Lenses

The most technologically advanced lenses prescribed, they offer the ultimate in visual performance, plus complete protection from harmful light spectrums. It's "Protection the Way Nature Intended." Read more...

ChromaGen screened 150 students at the Brighton School, a school specializing in dyslexia and dyslexia related learning difficulties. This is a must see! Watch their awesome testimonies here!

Healthy recipes 

Often, healthy meals are skipped in favor of quick processed foods which can come out of the freezer and go straight into the oven. Fortunately dishes can be prepared ahead of time and can also be frozen for later use. Click on the links below for our quick, nutritional, healthy recipes.

Roasted Tomato & Butternut Squash
Lasagna Casserole
Greek Salad
Berrylicious Smoothie
Egg-licious Quiche
African Chicken Peanut Stew
Shrimp with Bell Peppers and Snow Peas
Summertime Gingerade
Omega-3 Pancakes
Roasted Root Vegetables