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Don’t let the discomfort rule your life & harm your vision

Your vision and eye health depend on a healthy eye surface and sufficient moisture and lubrication. Unfortunately, insufficient lubrication and moisture, or “dry eye,” is among the most common eye-related complaints. Causes of dry eye include:

  • Computers
  • Aging
  • Medications

The symptoms of dry eye

Dry eye causes irritation, grittiness, burning, itchiness, stickiness, excessive tear production and more. It can leave you unable to wear contact lens. Dry eyes can also make you sensitive to low humidity, poor air quality, wind, air conditioning, heating, etc. These symptoms are often a source of constant discomfort, can negatively affect your quality of life and can impair your vision.

Determine the cause. Get the relief you need

The most common causes of dry eye are insufficient tear production, poor quality of tears or poor distribution of tears. These can result from medications, injury, allergies, diseases, infection and other problems. At Bedford Vision & Eye Clinic, Drs. Shamblin, Gregory and Sanderson examine the eye surface for dry spots and other problems. They also measure the quantity and quality of your tears and evaluate for problems with tear production.

Most often, artificial tears and/or tear lubricants provide needed and welcome relief, and our eye doctors prescribe them based on your individual situation, symptoms and needs. If artificial tears don’t ease the symptoms, Drs. Shamblin, Gregory and Sanderson may prescribe medication, recommend nutritional changes or dietary supplements or provide punctual plugs for the tear ducts.