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Breakthrough for dyslexia and color blindness from ChromaGen®

If you have been diagnosed with dyslexia or color blindness, the doctors at the Bedford Vision & Eye Clinic can help, thanks to the new vision testing and lenses from ChromaGen. Drs. Kathy L. Shamblin, Kay Gregory and Kelly A Sanderson consider everything related to your eyesight – including your general health and your visual skills. They also consider – and can help you with – conditions such as dyslexia and color blindness.

The most commonly recognized symptom of dyslexia is reading or writing that reverses or transposes letters, words and numbers, as well as repetitions, additions, omissions and substitutions. But dyslexia has many other symptoms in addition to problems with vision, reading and writing. Other common symptoms include:

  • Hearing and speech difficulties
  • Memory and cognition problems
  • Math and time management issues
  • Behavior, health, development and personality disorders 

ChromaGen testing can pinpoint problems

An easy-to-take screening test can tell you if you might benefit from the new lenses developed by ChromaGen that help correct color blindness and dyslexia. The ChromaGen Color Test screens for color blindness, while the ChromaGen Survey screens for dyslexia and reading problems. Once we have determined the nature of your problem, we may prescribe a ChromaGen lens to help correct it.

ChromaGen high-tech lenses offer effective correction for color blindness and reading dyslexia

For the first time, people with these common vision problems can experience and enjoy a world of rich color—or experience headache-free/nausea-free reading. ChromaGen lenses (glasses and contacts) correct light wavelengths as they enter each eye. This dynamically balances signals sent from the eye to the brain. When these signals are adjusted and synchronized, you can immediately see actual colors. For visually-dyslexic patients, ChromaGen synchronizes each eye's signal. This brings blurry words into focus and causes moving or jumping words to stop moving.

At Bedford Vision & Eye Clinic, vision care isn’t just a business. It is a profession devoted to taking care of you, helping you see well and ensuring that your vision health is always at its best.